South West 400 – Kinsale report

Last weekend saw the first Munster event take place in Kinsale. The South West 400 is a new tournament with a more relaxed feeling for our players. Sunday morning saw Ryan Power, Glen Buckley, James Kingston, David Manning, Robert Danilovskiy, Erik Ollson, Oisin Herberich and Ciaran O’ Donoghue take to the tables. David Manning was narrowly beaten in the quarter finals. Erik and Ciaran played each other in one semi-final. The match went to 5 sets with both players giving their all. Erik was the victor and played South coast player Nick McCloud in the final. Erik was on a roll and won very comfortably 4-0. Ciaran bet Donnagh Griffin in the 3/4 playoff.

The Leinster Classification also took place and Ballincollig had Richard Thompson, and Paddy Vaughan taking part. Richard took 3rd place in the Under 18s beating club mate Paddy Vaughan and 3rd place in the under 15s.

Well done to all players.